Our Training

Our Training Approach
The training philosophy of The Family Center mirrors that of its service philosophy. Participation in The Parenting Journey Facilitator Training is not simply another professional development opportunity; rather, a hands-on personal experience where one learns from “the inside out” by experiencing the exercises in the program the way parents experience them. This immersion model allows the participant to learn both intellectually and emotionally through taking on the role of the parent. Participants find that the reflection and community building that takes place induces changes within themselves as well.
The History of The Parenting Journey Training Institute
For over a decade, The Family Center has offered The Parenting Journey facilitator training to human service providers throughout New England and New York. To date, we have introduced nearly 1,000 workers from over 400 agencies and schools to The Parenting Journey and its parent-centered philosophy of change. To expand upon our impact, The Family Center established The Parenting Journey Training Institute as a vehicle for disseminating our philosophy more broadly and deeply. The Parenting Journey Training Institute’s first site is in New York City and will serve as the model for our national expansion initiative.
Our Training Offerings
  • The Parenting Journey Free Information Session
    This information session is for agency decision makers who are considering investing in the Parenting Journey. Attendees will learn about the goals and assumptions of the Parenting Journey; the many ways it benefits clients; the value of adding the Parenting Journey to their service mix; the on-going support given to agencies and facilitators after they have completed the five-day training workshop. The Family Center recommends that agency management and/or supervisory staff attend.
    This event is FREE to attend. To register, or for more information, email or call: parentingjourney@thefamilycenterinc.org / 617-628-8815.
  • The Five-Day Parenting Journey Facilitator Training
    In our nurturing, five-day Parenting Journey Facilitator Training Workshop, participants learn how to use our experiential curriculum to facilitate Parenting Journey groups in your agency. Specifically, you will:
    • Help parents develop more self-awareness
    • Help parents explore their life experiences – past, present, and future
    • Help parents increase their self-respect and self-esteem
    • Help parents develop greater trust
    • Help parents develop forgiveness and empathy
    • Create an environment of parenting with love, safety, nurturing and teaching
    • Create a sense of hope for parents
    • Identify your strengths as individuals and facilitators
Ongoing Support for Parenting Journey Facilitators and Agencies:
  • Technical Assistance: We have a strong commitment to provide ongoing support to you as you engage at risk families. A member of our staff will come to your site and address individual challenges. For more information, please contact us at the Institute.
  • Making The Parenting Journey a Sustainable Part of Your Agency's Work: We have developed an enhanced consultation and support model aimed at helping agencies adopt the tools and philosophy of family engagement proposed by The Parenting Journey. For more information, please contact us.
Who Should Attend?

The Parenting Journey curriculum was designed to be facilitated by individuals who have some clinical training and/or professional work with a parent population. Due to the popularity of our trainings and the limited slots available, preference will be given to anyone planning to start a Parenting Journey group in their agency within three months of attending a training. Please click here for a PDF of our Parenting Journey Facilitator Training flyer

Registration and Fees
The fee for the Parenting Journey Facilitator Training Workshop is $750 per person. This includes registration, breakfast, lunch, the Parenting Journey Curriculum, and program materials.
For more information, please call or email our Training Coordinator: 617-628-8815 /
NY: trainingcoordinator@thefamilycenterinc.org or Boston: parentingjourney@thefamilycenterinc.org

Register for a Training

Our Curricula
The Family Center’s Parenting Journey Training Institute curricula include:
  • The Parenting Journey (Part One), an acclaimed introductory 12-week curriculum-based parenting group designed to help parents increase self awareness and self-care practices, raise awareness of past and present factors that influence their parenting styles, enhance their parenting skills, and utilize their strengths to support their children and build nurturing family relationships;
  • The Parenting Journey (Part Two), a 12-week program that offers parents an opportunity to utilize the skills and new insights they gained in The Parenting Journey Part I. As the Journey continues, parents re-direct their focus to proactively set goals, acknowledge and change self-sabotaging behavior, and make plans to build a healthier future for themselves and their families. At the end of Parenting Journey Part II, parents leave with a clear plan that includes the steps necessary to reach their personal goals;
  • Parenting in America, a unique 12-week program that provides an opportunity for isolated and at-risk immigrant parents to share their immigration experiences, honor their cultural strengths and use new strategies to confront the challenges of living and raising their children in two cultures. We currently offer curricula designed for Haitian and Latino populations.